The Alt Country Singer with 2 Number one DIY Music Videos who lives in a house that she built out of recycled materials with her Dad, her partner Nick, Cat - Kevin Bacon, 2 dogs - Dennis & Winnie, 2 goats - Stanley & Ebony & a whole lot of love.



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5 releases 4 years and no sign of slowing down. Each of LF's singles has made it's way into The Australian Country Music Charts ... But wait until you see the videos ... 

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Laura Frank - The Road
Laura Frank - Simple Girl
Pretty - Laura Frank
Laura Frank - Leave It All Behind
Laura Frank - Things I'd Rather Do

Not one but two
NUMBER ONE music videos 

Debuting a number one on the iTunes Country Music Video Charts, Pretty, was LF's first video clip to reach number one status.  But it certainly won't be the last.  Her latest single, Simple Girl, debuted at number one on both the iTunes Country Music Video chart & the All Genres chart (ahead of Lady Gaga & One Direction ... sweet!).  
What's even more special about this?  All of her videos to date have been made from top to toe by just LF & her partner Nick Morrissey.  That's right ... they direct, shoot, style, edit & colour grade it all themselves.  What a team!

Hey, I'm

Alt Country singer, Creative Entrepreneur, DIY & Sustainability fanatic & avid animal lover


3 years ago I moved back to my hometown, built a house among the Gum trees & changed my life.  I'm more than just a singer songwriter.  I am a full time creative, a Singer, DIY Fanatic, Sustainability addict & animal lover.

In 2019 when the Pandemic hit, I had just moved back to my hometown in South East Queensland to live in a caravan whilst myself, my partner (Nick) & my dad built our house.  Literally ... I was the owner builder & the only trades we hired were the ones we needed to, legally.

Over that time I have released 5 singles, all of which have made it onto 
The Australian Country Music Charts.  I have directed, shot & edited 5 music videos (plus some others you won't see here) with just Nick & I ... two of which made it to Number one on the iTunes Music Video Charts. It's been a whirlwind few years, but I'm here to tell the tale.  Want to know more about me & my life ... read on here ...

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AMNPLIFY "Simple Girl is exactly the type of song you want to hear over the airwaves"

MUSIC INJECTION "Pretty explores all the expectations that women feel when expectations weigh heavy on us"