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Laura Frank
Live @ The Barn

As I sit here typing this (it is Thursday night, the 1st of December 2022 ... the gig is tomorrow night) I am trying to take a moment to reflect on how special each and every one of you are.  This week has been a little hellish for me.  Juggling all of the last minute bits and pieces to put on the event.  Battling the guilt that has washed over me as I think about each and every person who has helped to get me here.  The thought of holding a 'crowdfunding event', the audacity of it.  

I've had numerous conversations with loved ones this week about putting my big girl pants on and accepting the help.  After all, we all get by with a little help from our friends and tomorrow (tonight) I will sit in front of a room full of friends who are all there to support and invest in me and my dreams. 

There is no amount of 'Thank You' I could provide that will satisfy what you have given me.  I am a humble girl, who grew up in the country, with a voice that people like to listen to.  I have an overactive mind that likes to write stories in the form of songs and I dream of spreading the hope we're all desperate to hold onto.  Hope for a better world, a better life, to be a better person.  My hope is to inspire, invoke emotion and add a little magic to your world, even if it's just a sprinkle. 

You being here tonight means the world to me.  I will remember this gig until the end of my days and I hope that you will carry it with you too.  

One day I will pay it forward to each and every one of you. 

Until that day ... although it small ... I wanted to offer a little token of my love and thanks.  Pop your email in the box below and when the time comes in February / March / April next year, I will email you a free download of the single that is released.  The songs and stories that you are helping me create here tonight.  I will share those with you for free next year. 

It is a small token, but it is one filled with the most love and thanks a country girl can muster. 



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